The Mission

At the College of Holistic Arts (COHA) our mission is to raise the vibration of consciousness on earth through holistic arts education.

Our vision of co-creating holistic wellness extends to the development of New Zealand based holistic healing centers for face-to-face learning and participation in holistic arts. It expands globally, offering online learning to support the evolutionary shift during this time of transformation. Join us as a student or a sponsor to become a co-creator of balanced life and abundance. Empower yourself and others so that we may blossom in our full human potential.

Modern Education

COHA provides Holistic Wellness and Creative Arts Therapy courses. Topics covered in our education include therapeutic creative arts, the mind-body connection, practical neuroscience & psychology.

We specialise in education to transform, rewire and nourish a healthy mind, body, brain and spirit through evidence-based, science-backed, trauma-informed strategies, and creative expression. We educate students with the knowledge and confidence to become professional practitioners. Our training courses are internationally recognised and are offered both online and onsite.

At COHA we foster mind-body awareness, creative self-expression and heartfelt community development. We empower individuals to improve their ability to self regulate and build their resilience capacity. Our education supports, inspires, and blesses the creative spark of life and the unique gifts within each student. Imagination is considered a key to grasp the true presence in all living forms and the hidden unity of life. Imagination can be used to help us to understand and imagine how the Earth can be re-visioned, re-imagined, and thus restored by the awakening of individual human souls.


Our courses are presented in an easily accessible and practical way. You get the information you need to know so you can immediately apply it and facilitate powerful shifts to help people change from the inside out!

Whether you’re looking to create a part or full-time business, expand your existing practice, or you’re just starting out and want to work for yourself, our unique training provides everything you need for a rewarding wellbeing career.

The COHA Community

The COHA community is growing a compassionate culture that values creativity, freedom and connection. We have practitioners that are facilitating holistic arts events, workshops, and courses that empower humanity with creative tools. Collectively we are creating spaces and opportunities for people to experience, heal from, or participate in the arts. We empower ourselves to find peace in being, integrating our creative self with wisdom, to experience joy in our common unity. Awakening souls are catalysing our evolution, inspiring the collective humanity so that we may heal and transform the world.