HICAT Practitioner Training Course

12 months/Part-time
10 hours of study per week
Online-High support.
Optional live Zoom masterclasses.
Internationally Industry Accredited.


Full payment: $2,300.00 NZD


Payment Plan: $480.00

$250 admin fee and first payment required by start date: Total 10 monthly payments of $230 * Total $2,550.00 (incl GST)


May 30TH, 2023.

More dates are available at the beginning of the month.





The perfect combination of holistic healing therapies and creative arts. 

Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy is a mental health profession that uses the creative process to improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being of individuals of all ages.

This evidence-based therapy trains graduates to use a variety of creative modalities including art-making, dance, sculpture, drama, music, sound therapy, storytelling, meditation, and holistic counseling skills to guide clients in recognizing and overcoming trauma and limiting beliefs in an empowering, respectful, and highly effective way.

The blend of science and hands-on creativity makes this course extremely popular with a wide target audience and attracts people who want to develop a heart-centered career with a respected qualification and an effective set of modalities in a fast-growing industry. 

Who should do this course?

This course is perfect for creative people wanting to develop a sustainable new career. It is also highly valuable to teachers and healthcare workers who want to expand their skill set. 

No artistic ability is necessary.

Suitable for all ages over 18 years, including mature-age students.
No previous experience or qualifications are required.
High support with regular optional live classes via Zoom 
(and recordings to watch for when you cannot attend).
Regular live Zoom Masterclasses allow you to dive deep into the various topics in each module.

About the course

Therapeutic Creative Arts Included HICAT Practitioner Training Course.

  • Visual arts therapy: Paint, watercolour, colouring pencils, charcoal, and oil pastels
  • Tactile therapy: Sand play, clay, sculpture and environmental arts.
  • Sound therapy: Music, tribal rhythms, medicine drums, and meditation.
  • Dance therapy: Free body movement, elemental movement meditation
  • Journaling and writing: Gratitude journaling, poetry, creative writing and reframing experiences.
  • Drama therapy: Storytelling, aspecting and roleplay.
    • The cause & effects of stress
    • The mind/body connection
    • Physiology of the brain
    • Left brain/right brain
    • Unconscious beliefs and mental patterns
    • Exploring emotions
    • History of art therapy
    • Creative therapies & health
    • Why creative art therapies are effective
    • Creative art therapies as emotional healing
    • Creative art therapies for recovery & rehabilitation
    • Art & developing intuition
    • Drawing from within
    • Colour & emotions
    • Sound, vibration & the bodies cells
    • The creative process
    • Art appreciation
    • Interpretation & diagnosis
    • Compassion & non-judgment
    • Learning Styles
    • Personality types
    • Managing groups
    • Supporting clients
    • Working with PTSD
    • Working with anxiety disorders
    • Working with grief & loss
    • Working with children
    • Working with depression
    • Working in medical settings
    • Developing community arts projects
    • Meditation for every day
    • Meditation in action through art
    • Meditation with music and movement
    • Gratitude & art journaling
    • Holistic counselling skills for creative arts therapists
    • Networking & referring
    • Ethics, safety & professionalism
    • Setting up your own practice
    • Creating a specialised practice
    • Resources, materials & equipment
    • Marketing for creative arts therapists
    • Legalities, insurance and joining associations
  • The HICAT Practitioner Training Course is suitable for all ages over 18 years, including mature-age students.
  • No previous experience or qualifications are required. 
  • No artistic ability is necessary.
  • As an online course, a moderate level of computer literacy is required.
  • Internationally industry accredited training.
  • Study online with high support.
  • Requires a minimum of 10 hours home study per week
  • Students will complete 20 course modules – One module per fortnight over one year

Each of your classes will be divided into theory and practice sessions. Studies will include reading, watching videos, completing art projects, writing essays and answering quizzes.

You will spend time exploring and participating in creative arts and a wide variety of meditation styles – including movement meditation, mantra meditation, chakra meditation, guided creative visualisation, mindfulness and zen meditation.

There are some fieldwork components where you will need to involve a friend or family member or visit a professional practice, business or centre.

You will need to be able to take photos and videos and upload them onto your course work submission forms. This is not difficult, and we can assist you to learn how to do this if you need us to.

Virtual Classroom

Our students and teachers are physically located in different places all over the world,  but we are still able to enjoy a strong sense of community. There is a virtual classroom located on Facebook which is only for students enrolled in this course, where you will receive contact and connection with your classmates and information and guidance from your teachers. You can also get support from your teacher and ask questions via email or telephone whenever you need to.

Course Outcomes

  • Become a Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapist

    Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapists enhance health, happiness, and evolution by working with the whole person and supporting them on a journey of self-exploration and personal growth. It covers many aspects of conscious living to support a creative and embodied way of life. Creativity naturally develops the mind-body, building self-awareness and confidence, and reconnecting with the essence of joy.

    You will graduate with the skills and knowledge required to set up your own Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy practice; facilitate creative arts workshops, work with groups and see individual clients. You may like to specialise in specific areas of interest or have a general arts practice.

    Start a new career as a qualified Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapist, or add a new dimension to your existing career.

    You may seek employment within some organisations who value holistic and complementary therapies. This is a professional, practical training course where you will explore a wide range of creative arts while learning the essentials of working as a Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapist, in a safe, supportive and fun-filled environment.

    Graduates become certified Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapies Practitioner and can use the letters Mbe.HICATprac. after their names. Graduates can also join the International Institute of Complementary Therapists, the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and the Complementary Medical Association and get professional insurance. You will also be provided with a full year of free membership to the Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapists Association and the International Meditation Teachers and Therapists Association.

    Creative Art Therapies can be used in a wide variety of settings and with an assortment of different clients.

    Work in the Corporate Workplace

    Holistic Integrated Creative Art Therapists are in high demand in the corporate workplace where they can contribute to positive work environments, team building, and reduced workplace stress. HICAT also helps to stimulate creativity, improve mindset and awaken leadership skills.

    Work with Children

    Art therapies help children to self-regulate their emotions, and engage in healthy behaviors by providing a supportive, non-judgmental space to explore their feelings. HICAT will provide you with highly effective skills to work with children. Art therapies are valued by parents and teachers as it helps children express and process emotions, develop confidence and the ability to focus. HICAT is also very beneficial to children on the autism spectrum and their families.

    Work with Aged Care
    Aged care is another area where Holistic Integrated Creative Art Therapies makes a powerful impact. Regular participation in arts therapies can completely change the quality of life for many older people and assist in treating social issues like loneliness and loss of purpose through to conditions like dementia and hypertension.

    Work with PTSD

    HICAT can support clients working with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as it aids in the safe expression of distressing memories. You will also be able to help clients working with anxiety disorders, grief, and depression.

    If helping people rediscover their innate creativity and playfulness while developing skills to overcome physical, mental and emotional hurdles is how you would like to live, this course is for you!

Our courses are recognized with the International Institute of Complementary Therapists, the Holistic Healers Association International , the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and the Complementary Medical Association. All have excellent global reputations and rigorous screening processes. We are very proud to have their stamps of approval.

They will also be provided with a full year of free membership to the Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapists Association and the International Meditation Teachers and Therapists Association.

Our graduates can join the IICT, HHAI and the CMA, and get professional practitioner insurance, in 26 countries around the world.

Energy Medicine 8 Ltd – NZ registered company – we provide high support, super interactive, hands-on, online training for students from New Zealand, Australia and all over the world.  If you are looking for a user friendly, industry accredited course you can study at times that work for you, completely online, you are in the right place!

If you are interested in the course please complete the entry questionnaire.

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