Natalie, our director, is passionate about teaching self empowering tools and techniques to assist people with their health and wellbeing.

She trained as a Registered Nurse at Thames Hospital; and is qualified with a masters in Holistic Human Development which covers many psych-therapies, and advanced counselling techniques. She has over 15 years of experience with qigong, vibrational light language techniques, and fundamental tools from her experience working as a Registered Nurse. She also has 22 years executive experience as a recruitment company owner in Auckland and Canberra Australia.

She has explored mind-body education, meta-physics, light therapies and vibrational therapies to enable her to deeply experience herself, learning how we can transform trauma and alchemise energy within the physical body.

Self-healing Qigong deepens the mind-body connection, optimises health, connecting with Universal energies. Her dedication to the practice gives her the ability to now entrain you into this high vibrational healing energy.

Natalie has had phenomenal experiences she must now share. She has many references and success stories to strengthen her wisdom and understanding of how the body self heals. The first being a cancerous black mole lightening up in colour when she first commenced self healing Qigong. Her resilience and immunity improved greatly.

Natalie is driven to pass on her knowledge to those who have a desire to evolve and live the best version of themselves.


Dylan is passionate about holistic arts and sacred living. He facilitates transformational spaces to cultivate energy flow and deepen embodiment through the integration of all aspects of self. In heartfelt service, he aspires to support us personally, to help us to reconnect with our truth, and to help all life on Earth evolve into greater mastery.

Dylan is the founder of Elemental Flow, an art of living that supports personal transformation and world renewal. It offers an integrated approach to wellness and evolution by sharing pathways to holistic health, embodied presence, balanced love and remembering union. He has developed this system of holistic wellness by exploring a wide variety of self-transformative practices and creative-healing arts, which assist the process of anchoring light and knowledge into our consciousness.

Dylan offers yoga & movement therapy, creative arts therapies, embodiment coaching, energy medicine, and cacao ceremonies for individuals and groups.