HICAT Diploma

Prior to selecting your payment plan please ensure you have completed the Entry Questionnaire and Enrollment Form.

Below are the current Special Offers for the launch of the College of Holistic Arts!

The cost for the HICAT Diploma is budgeted to increase starting Summer 2022.

Full Payment

$2,300 (incl. GST)

Pay for the HICAT Diploma in full to receive the complete online learning platform.

Multiple Payments

First Payment: $1,100

Second Payment: $700

Third Payment: $700

$2500 (incl. GST), inclusive of $200 admin fee.

After the first payment is received College of Holistic Arts will give you partial access to the online learning platform. The Second and Third Payments will be required before Module 10 and Module 15 respectively.

Bank Details

To make payment via online bank transfer (or in a physical bank) please deposit into the following bank account:

Bank: Westpac Corporation
Account number: 03-1720-0052647-00
Account name: Energy Medicine 8 Limited

Become a Sponsor

We are calling in sponsors to support students with financial co-creation. Many of our students already have valuable skills and experience in a wide range of social services. This is a great opportunity to invest in the recruitment of progressive leaders in social therapy.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for professional training courses offered by the College of Holistic Arts please contact us.