The Autumn HICAT intake is well underway at the Historic Village, Tauranga. Winter HICAT classes in Rotorua also grounded – shine with the divine. Gratitude to Papatuanuku, goddess of the earth, for securing these corner stones. Thanks to Rangi, god of the sky above, for the angelic presence and protection. The rising stars of Matariki mark a new begin. Warm colours emanating from the rays of the sun god, Ra. Like the joy of a clear horizon on a winter’s day. Enrollment is building from the Hauraki Gulf to the Kaipara Harbour, on track for spring classes in Albany.

Below the colourful skies, the deep blue of the ocean echoes with whale song – music from the dark depths of Tangaroa, god of the waters. From the darkness below, from the ocean depths, pulses of life, remembrance of unity. May the light, the waters and the earth combine in a divine rainbow, a light dance of renewal and abundance – fruit of Rongo, god of cultivation.

With the stars of Matariki above and presence within, may we receive regeneration – our divine human potential. May renewal and abundance flow from the arts, in good health and good humour, peace and prosperity to the people – Dahl

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