Corporate Stress Management Practitioner Training Program
(Holistic Training and Assessment)

6 months Part-time
10 hours of study per week
Online – High support.
Optional live Zoom masterclasses. 
Internationally Industry Accredited.

Full payment: $2,875.00 NZD


Payment Plan: $825.00

$250 admin fee Plus 5 monthly payments of $575 *Total $3125.00(incl GST)

MAY 30TH, 2023

More dates are available at the beginning of the month.

The perfect blend of science and tradition to provide
self-empowering tools for good health and happiness.

 Stress has proven to have a major effect on our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing and also dramatically impacts our work performance.

Some of the consequences of unmanaged stress in the workplace include absenteeism, diminished performance, negative attitude and cynicism, a decline in commitment and creativity, and a decreased ability to concentrate, learn and interact with other employees. 

Stressed workers can also develop a range of negative health symptoms including insomnia, headaches, back pain, gastrointestinal disorders, fatigue, anxiety, irritability, and depression. 
This program focuses on developing your skills as a Corporate Stress Management Consultant and using your qualification to help build strong workplace stress management programs, better self-esteem among employees, stronger workplace teams, and greater productivity levels for business owners.
Many companies are investing in stress management programs for their employees as more and more businesses have been required to pay compensation for employees adversely affected by workplace stress. This means Corporate Stress Management Consultants are in high and growing demand.  

Who should do this course?

This course is particularly suitable for people with a corporate or business management background. You want to move into a more relaxed lifestyle where you can work the hours you choose, earn the income you deserve, and be your own boss.  Your workplace experience combined with the in-depth knowledge you will gain about the cause and effect of stress along with how we can apply simple, self-empowering tools to effectively manage stress will make you a highly skilled and confident Corporate Stress Management Consultant with an internationally recognized qualification. 

If you are passionate about helping people live happier and healthier lives, reducing stress in the workplace to make people’s day-to-day existence much more enjoyable, helping remove bullying from the workplace, and guiding people to bring their true authentic selves to work with them, this could be the perfect pathway for you.
Suitable for all ages over 18 years, including mature-age students.
No previous experience or qualifications are required.High support with regular optional live classes via Zoom 
(and recordings to watch for when you cannot attend).
Regular live Zoom Masterclasses allow you to dive deep into the various topics in each module.

Course Content

Holistic Training and Assessment 

19 modules (20 Hours).
Course Content
●        Introduction 
●        Before you teach
●        Your teaching space
●        Integrity and intentions
●        Setting the scene
●        Creating strong foundations
●        Learning styles
●        Teaching styles
●        Delivery techniques
●        Student management
●        Teaching online
●        Teaching via Zoom
●        Maintaining your cool
●        Counselling and coaching skills for trainers and assessors
●        Assessments
●        Designing workshops
●        Working from home
●        Marketing your training and assessment courses        

Certificate in Corporate Stress Management  

4 modules (80 Hours). 

●      Corporate stress management and what a corporate stress management consultant does  
●      Understanding your corporate stress management students and clients.  
●        How to market your corporate stress management services and attract clients to your business. 
●       Conduct Corporate Stress Management consultations to assess your prospective client’s needs. 
●       Assess and analyze your corporate clients’ needs. 
●       Design Corporate Stress Management proposals and provide quotes. 
●       Calculate fees and costs for your services. 
●       Source and book suitable venues for workshops when onsite workshops are not an option.  
●       Design class plans for corporate stress management courses and workshops  
●       Materials and equipment for conducting corporate stress management courses and workshops  
●       Holistic counseling for corporate clients 
●        Teach stress management and meditation to executives and upper management  
●       Tools and procedures for corporate clients 
●       Workplace health and safety  
●       Managing difficult and unwilling participants  
●       Assessing and reporting on productivity in the workplace  
●      Facilitating corporate retreats  
●       Providing ongoing programs  
●       Developing your professional reputation and public image  
●       Creating an online presence  
●        Developing confidence and professionalism